Ksenia Fraszczak

1gZFM – Articles
2DL – application letter (tradycyjny PDF)
2DL – application letter (aktywny PDF)
1pD, 1pF – some, any, much, many, a lot of, a few, a little
1gD – Sequence and time expressions
1pD, 1pF – explanations for ex. 1a from Student’s Book
1gZFM – zad.10 odpowiedzi
1pD, 1pF – describing quantity with countable and uncountable nouns
1pR – odpowiedzi zad. 1
1gZFM – objaśnienia do ćw. 4 i 5
1pF – words that came into English from Polish
1pD, 1pF – negative suffixes
1gZFM – zad. 1 odpowiedzi